Cressex Health Centre

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Home Visits

A request for a home visit should be made before 10 am so that the duty GP has time to schedule a home visit during the day. If a home visit request is made after 2 pm it will be very difficult for the GPs to re-arrange their clinics to accommodate the request. All requests will be assessed by a GP, and it will be the decision of the Gp whether the home visit will be undertaken. In general, patients must be housebound because of illness or disability to receive a home visit; all other patients will be expected to visit the surgery in person.

If you think you need a home visit please call the surgery before 10 am if possible on 01494 415788 and ask the receptionist to log your visit request. A doctor or nurse will call you back to see if your problem can be dealt with over the telephone. Please note that the Reception staff are not trained to approve home visit requests, so please do not expect a home visit if you have only spoken to a receptionist

It may also be appropriate to send a either a doctor or nurse to visit you or the doctor may arrange a hospital attendance for you.

Visiting patients at home may not be as effective as being seen at the surgery where essential equipment is to hand, so please try and attend the surgery whenever possible.