Cressex Health Centre

We believe in delivering high quality patient-centred care in the ever changing climate of the modern NHS.

Future Closures 2019

Bank holidays 2019

1st January, Tuesday

22nd April, Monday

6th May, Monday

27th May, Monday

26th August, Monday

PLT Future dates 2019

15th January, Tuesday

13th February, Wednesday

12th March, Tuesday

30th April, Tuesday

22nd May, Wednesday

19th June, Wednesday

09th July, Tuesday

18th September, Wednesday

15th October, Tuesday

21st November, Thursday

Please note we are closed after 1pm during PLT (Protected Learning Time) for mandatory training purposes which all surgeries participate in.

PLT sessions run once a month usually on a weekday afternoon this usually falls on either a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.  Excluding August and December.

If you require a doctor during this time and this cannot wait until our reopening the next day then please dial: 111 for the NHS111 out of hours service.

** Prescriptions can take up to 72 hours to process, please bear this in mind when requesting medication.  During public holidays we have an increase in demand to generate prescriptions in a short space of time, please therefore hand medication requests in advance allowing us 3 working days to process.  Thank you.