Cressex Health Centre

We believe in delivering high quality patient-centred care in the ever changing climate of the modern NHS.

Patient Reviews

No problems for the last year

Yes, the queue for the 8am phone lines can be frustrating, but apart from that, this is a good surgery. I’ve never really had to wait longer than a day for an urgent appointment, the staff on reception are friendly and helpful and doctors are, on the whole, good.

15 August 2017


Helpful when it mattered most

I have never really suffered from illness and always been a happy person. Three months back my work situation became where I couldn’t cope. I self-certified then was signed off sick. I believed I was going mad. Although my dr tried to encourage me back to there I took a decision to get a job elsewhere. I am now happy in my job again. My anxiety has gone. I don’t feel anxious anymore I am happy. I feel like if I had stayed in my job or gone back I would be suffering more. I am grateful for the Drs who helped me especially my named GP.

06 April 2016


Excellent when it really counts!

I have nothing but extreme thanks for the care and support I have recently been given by both the doctor and staff during my late husband’s illness. They have been there for me all the way and I am very confident that they will continue to give me any support I need as I come to terms with my bereavement.

05 January 2016


Very professional and helpful in every way

We’re registered with this surgery and always had received great service from receptionist to GP I recently called to get advice because I thought I had an ear infection, thankfully it wasn’t & I was offered an appointment. Due to work I asked for a phone call. Unfortunately I missed 2 calls from GP, I would like to apologise for that. In my opinion this surgery and staff are dedicated to deliver the best results and help patients.

12 September 2015