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Care Data

Please take time to read this information – you need to make a choice.

The NHS in England is introducing a modern data service on behalf of the whole health and social care system that will combine data from hospitals and GP surgeries. This information can help improve understanding, locally and nationally, of health needs and quality of treatment provided by local health services. The data will be held in a secure system and shared with researchers and planners to shape decisions about future health care resources. The sharing of information will be restricted on a case by case basis and only the minimum amount of information needed for that particular case will be shared.

Data will be extracted from our clinical records every month and will include a patient’s postcode and NHS number, but not their name.

Patients have the right to refuse permission for their data to be shared in this way. If you want more details on this new data extraction service, please contact reception for a leaflet which explains how you can exercise your right to withhold your permission. Alternatively, the following files are attached which explains more.